Wondering How to Extend Your GoCar Booking?

Hello GoCar newbies! If you’re using a GoCar and stuck in traffic (a regular occurrence for most of us these days lol), you might be panicking! Some of your questions might include – “What can I do?  Can I extend my booking? How do I do that? Who do I call or where can I check to extend?”.

Don’t panic… Follow our guide and we’ll walk you through 4 simple steps to extend your trip (only applicable to Round Trip bookings).

Launch your GoCar app. Click on ‘My Booking‘ and then tap the ‘Extend‘ button of your current reservation. 

Select the extra hour(s) needed for the extension. 
*Take note: Extension must be made at least 15 minutes before your current booking ends.

Make the payment for the extension period using any of the following payment methods:
1. GoPocket Points
2. Credit/Debit Card
3. Online Banking
4. E-Wallet

Once payment is made, proceed to view the extended period in “My Booking”. 

Take note: Extension of your booking is subject to the car’s availability. We strongly encourage our users to allocate longer duration to avoid late return penalty. 

Just a friendly reminder: Extension is not possible if your booking time has ended.  If there is another booking after your reservation, you will not be able to extend. 

If you do not extend – there will be a penalty fee for returning the car late and causing inconvenience to another member.

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