What is Basic & Premium Flex package?

While booking a GoCar, you must have come across the Flex packages. But have you ever wondered, what are these packages for?

Generally, the Flex package gives you the travel flexibility you need for a stress-free experience while driving a GoCar.

With a fee of RM5.00 per booking, You are given:

  1. The flexibility for a late return is up to 30 minutes.
  2. Eligible for a refund without the excess fee. The refund is in GoPocket Points.
  3. Unlimited count to change the time and date of your reservation

However, you are not eligible for all 3 above if you opt for the Basic Package.

*Please note that Flex package will be set as default on every Round Trip booking.

What is the cost for the Flex package?

A fee of RM5 will incur when you choose the Premium Flex package hence protecting your reservation. Should you opt for the Basic package, no charges will be imposed on you.



Premium Flex


• A late return fee is applied

•Refund is not available

•Change of date & time of reservation is not allowed

• Late return up to 30 minutes

•Refund is available

•Unlimited change of Time & Date




How do I opt for Premium Flex Package?

The Basic and Premium Flex will appear on the same page as the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) add-on page. Follow the steps below for better illustration.

Step 1: In your GoCar app, click Sharing and then Round Trip.


Step 2: After selecting your preferred booking date and time, select your vehicle and click Book Now. You will then be prompted to Value Add-Ons page and you may select your Flex package.

Now that you know what the Flex packages are for, remember to select one that will provide you with the flexibility for a stress-free GoCar experience. 

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