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Are you new to electric cars and but the thought of using GoEV makes your head spin because of all the uncertainties? Buckle up, let’s start off with some of the basic must know about GoEV first.

GoEV 101

1. 100% electric is not the same as hybrid

Our GoEV Nissan Leaf is 100% electric with a host of advanced features you’ll sure to appreciate. No petrol needed for this baddie as it runs fully on electricity, so be sure to charge it once you’ve ended the trip for the next user. 

2. Suitable for city drives

GoEVs are more suitable for city drives (within Klang Valley) due to the availability of EV infrastructure (charging stations). Longer road trips are not recommended but if you do plan to use it for longer drives, remember to plan your trip while using GoEV (checkout for chargEV locations which can be found on the app).

3. Quiet starting of the engine

Do not be surprised when you’ve pressed on the “start” button and not realised that the Nissan Leaf’s engine is indeed running. This is because the advanced aerodynamic design allows the Nissan Leaf to slice instead of smashing through air to achieve an unbelievably quiet start.

4. E-Pedal (one-pedal driving)

Ever tried driving with only one pedal? You can do so with GoEV (Nissan Leaf)’s e-pedal. With just one motion, you can accelerate and brake while saving the battery, making for a more convenient and thrilling drive. Just press down the e-pedal button for an instant rush and ease off to slow down. Do take note to be careful when using this feature (press the break slowly to avoid sudden breaks) and if you are not comfortable, there’s always the option of switching back to the two-pedal driving.

5. Full range = 311km

The GoEV (Nissan Leaf) can take you to an average range of 311 km (based on the New European Driving Cycle (NDEC) test mode). That being said,  the range is subject to different driving conditions and styles (ex: how fast the car is being driven), plus the car must be in an optimal condition to work efficiently. This ties back to the suitability of our GoEV for city drives rather than long road trips due to the availability of the EV infrastructures (for charging). 

6. GoEV locations located in Klang Valley

GoEV is currently only available within Klang Valley. To find these locations, simply click on the GoCar mobile app, select Sharing (Round Trip). Then, search for the “bolt” pin for the available locations.

7. Cable & adapter located in the boot

To charge the Nissan Leaf, you can find the cable and adapter which is included in the boot of all GoEVs. The adapter is mainly for Type 2 charging stations. For more details on how to charge GoEVs, click here.

8. GoEV reservation with charge below 30% will be refunded

If you’ve started your trip and noticed your GoEV is below 30% charge, we will be happy to refund your reservation. All you need to do is to click on the “chat” on the GoCar app and we will assist on your reservation refund.

Now that you’re fully equipped with all these information, you’re no longer a GoEV newbie 😉 

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