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Let’s Go Electric with GoEV

We’re so excited to share the latest addition to the GoCar range. Introducing GoEV, GoCar’s initiative to further the adoption of EV in Malaysia. We’re excited to feature the Nissan Leaf – amongst the best selling EVs globally, the Nissan Leaf is 100% electric with a host of advanced features you’ll sure to appreciate.

GoEV – electric cars made affordable

We’ve made GoEV so easy to access and so affordable. Here are 3 reasons you should give GoEV a try.

ChargEV access included however you still need to pay for parking. (Applicable to some location)

Ready to give it a try?

Just launch your GoCar mobile app, click on ROUND TRIP and book your trip as usual (please make sure that your GoCar app is up to date).

Step 1:

Select your preferred travel date and time for your trip

Step 2:

Search for the “Bolt” icon in your map for a GoEV

There you have it, enjoy your EV!

GoEV rates and deals

The longer you book, the bigger the savings.

Hourly – 2 daysFrom RM17.90/ hour. From 139/ day
3-6 daysFrom RM129/day
7-13 days From RM125/day
14-29 daysFrom RM123/day
30 days & aboveFrom RM120/day
36 months

RM2,299 / month
Includes: Road tax, Insurance, Servicing, Wall box charger (home)

Need more details?

If you have any questions or require further assistance, contact us at 1-300-30-2633 or chat with us via GoCar mobile app.

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