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Why using GoEV makes a lot of sense. Benefits of GoEV

Across the world – electric car sharing has been gaining in popularity.

As the first company to offer EV car sharing, there’s just so many reasons to go electric. EV is more than just a buzz word for us at GoCar. We have been actively deploying the Nissan Leaf 100% electric in GoEV sharing, and we here are the top 4 reasons as to why we think going electric is the way to go.

Easy on your pocket

GoCar has always been about making mobility affordable, smarter and simpler. And with GoEV and car sharing in general, consumers are able to save more. How you ask?

  • EVs can be pretty expensive, but by sharing, the cost becomes so affordable because everyone pays only for what they are using (by the hour, or by the day)
  • The ownership costs are covered by us. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, road tax and general costs that come with owning a car. It’s all covered in the fee that you’ve paid
  • And the most obvious is – NO PETROL. With EVs, there is no cost to you for refueling. The cars are also equipped with chargEV card where you can charge the Leaf at over 300 locations at no additional cost. The EV charging cable and adapter is included in the car
  • Best part about car sharing, you’re only paying for when you using the car, unlike most cars purchased that are parked and not in use 80% of the time.

Driving electric decreases greenhouse gas emissions

The world is moving towards electric mobility due to the environmental benefits, and we’re all for it. Fully electric means that there is totally ZERO tailpipe emissions, and translates into generating less air pollution, even when taking into account the production and electricity generation to keep electricity running.

Every Nissan Leaf is said to save an average of 4.6 metric tons of greenhouse gasses each year. This equates to planting 209 trees.

Fewer cars in traffic

Car sharing is designed to complement public transportation. And the more users there are, the less cars sitting in traffic there will be, and less parking spaces will be needed. This will greatly help with the easing of congestion and traffic challenges especially in the cities.

Reduces noise pollution

An electric car is ‘almost’ totally silent when comparing to petrol or diesel engine. This reduces the noise pollution in the cities and contributes to a quieter urban space.

Here is some of our top reasons we love GoEV. Have you tried it out? Share your experience with us.

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