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User’s guide: using Gentari’s EV chargers

Here are some important points to note when you charge your GoEV with Gentari EV chargers. 

Here are 6 simple steps to start charging with Setel. Charges incurred from usage of the EV chargers are the responsibility of the user.

Step 1

Register as a member.

Step 4

Select a compatible charger and tap ‘Activate charger’.

Step 2

Log in to the Setel app and select EV Charging.

Step 5

You can monitor the charging status from the Setel app. Once charging is done, select “Stop Charging”.

Step 3

Park your vehicle at the Gentari parking bay and tap on ‘Start charging’.

Step 6

Make your payment and you’re good to go.

Remember: any charges incurred from using the Setel EV services is borne by the user.

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