Few tips to #GoCarShareLikeYouCare

At GoCar, we believe in making mobility simpler and more convenient, using technology. We truly believe that sharing goes beyond. that would contribute to reducing congestion and a cleaner environment for everyone.

With that – there are some essential house rules we’d like to share so everyone gets to have a great car-sharing experience.

Don’t panic… Follow our guide and we’ll walk you through 4 simple steps to extend your trip (only applicable to Round Trip bookings).

Golden rules of using a GoCar

We know… it’s obvious, but it bears repeating.

Leave nothing behind, especially the trash from your trip. Someone else will be using the very same car later on.  #SharingIsCaring 

Not everyone is a smoker and it takes forever to get the smell out. If you do need to smoke, take a quick ciggy break (outside of the car) before driving to your destination. A penalty up to RM200 will be charged for professional cleaning services.

Trash is unpleasant and shouldn’t be shared with others. An RM30 cleaning fee will be charged if the car is found dirty (i.e. food crumbs, spillage of drinks).

Park with the next driver in mind as there’s nothing more disappointing than realizing the car is left elsewhere.  Also, avoid parking at private spaces and no-parking zones.

Our little T-Rex will be keeping their eyes on you!

Car-sharing, the right way

Being part of the GoCar Fam is a rewarding experience – when you get it right! Here are four golden rules to follow to make sure you get the most out of our innovative urban mobility solution.

Ensure the GoCar is refueled to the level you started with before ending your trip, is the way to go. Failure to do so will incur a penalty of RM20 per fuel bar.

Book the GoCar for more time than you think you’ll need.  You can also extend your booking via the app prior to the end of your trip. If you are running late by 5 – 10 minutes, do let us know via our hotline at 1-300-30-2633.

Remember, someone’s going to drive the car once you’re done. So, it’s important to pick up after yourself if there’s leftover rubbish or belongings. 

Inspect your GoCar inside out at the beginning of your reservation. Call 1-300-30-2633 to report any damage, a dirty vehicle or your GoCar not being at the selected location.

So, let’s play our role to abide by these guidelines.


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